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Welcome to E2P FSC Juggling Club

What is Juggling? Juggling is keeping the ball in the air consistently without the ball hitting the ground using all parts of your body, except hands or arms. It's an individual skill that teaches ball and body control. Different examples of body parts you can use to juggle are head, thigh, chest, and of all mainly feet. For someone who has never tried juggling it is best to start by trying to keep the ball up using each foot once and then catching. As you get the hang of it challenge yourself by no longer using hands to start, and use your feet to get the ball up. 

Why Juggle? A player's touch is vital in soccer and the reason that juggling can significantly improve your game is it that it helps to develop your touch on the ball. If you can juggle the ball consistently, you are more likely to be able to consistently control the ball in the game. It also shows you are in control of the ball and it is not controlling you. It's a great way for you to learn how the ball reacts to different touches and surfaces. Juggling can also improve your confidence on the ball not to mention, it is fun!

When to Juggle? The coolest thing about juggling is that you can do it almost anywhere and all it takes is YOU and YOUR BALL!! Just make sure there are no important breakables around (windows etc). The most effective way to achieving your juggling goals is to PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN! Beating your score and competing against yourself are important keys to improving your game and becoming the best player you can be. Juggling a soccer ball with feet, thighs or head is an excellent activity for players of all levels. It's not only a good activity for using your spare time but it can also become a very good work out.

How will players be tracked? Every last week of the month players will have an opportunity to show their max amount of juggles in front of coaches/ teammates. Each player will be given three chances to hit their max amount of juggles. After third attempt coaches will record their best attempt. Depending if player hits next max amount of juggles he will be awarded with a badge for his/ her achievement. 

E2 Prodigy Jugglers List