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                             E2 Prodigy Philosophy                             

          As an experienced tutor, mentor, and coach I have realized that the most important asset anyone can have when working with kids would be patience. Especially when working with such young children and their development, motivation, excitement, self-esteem, and confidence. The philosophy that E2 PRODIGY coaches hold would be process over product. Many coaches often forget about the individual skill and development when working with a group of kids. 

         They sometimes worry more about the final product without making sure every one of their players is excelling at the best of their ability, as long as their training session looks fine and runs smoothly they feel like they have a successful session. But what about the kid that hardly gets the ball, the kid that doesn't ask for the ball, how about the kid that is distracted and stands off to the side? or how about the kid that isn't as developed so the coach doesn't play or train him as much?... well let me begin by telling you that the process is greater than the product, being able to see the process of success in a child's development is the most remarkable moment any coach can ask for. Its those moments that we as coaches live for! Its the ability to see the growth of passion, and love for the game, its the times when a kid does a move hes been working on for the last week and a half, takes on a player, shoots and score!

     Private lessons are created to develop the improvement of the certain individual, but please know that we as coaches cannot make wonders in a matter of days. It is a process, and it will require consistent training through a matter of weeks in order for the best results to show. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience, Thank You!